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Iwato Salt "Warosoku" Candle

Iwato Salt "Warosoku" Candle

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Each layer of wax is applied by hand to form the candle forming a traditional Warosoku candle

Made by mixing salt produced in Futamiura, Ise City with Haze wax. The name “Iwata” is the salt that is dedicated to the Ise Grand Shrine, and is made from the seawater only during the rising tide of the full moon. The High tide occurs when the gravitational pull of the moon exerts its force on the earth's oceans. Since ancient times in Japan, there has been an idea that the ebb and flow of the tide has a relationship with the life and death of a person, and we are particular about the ebb tide, which is full of vitality. 

A Japanese candle with a wish to purify mixed with Haze wax. In Japanese culture they find the “transience” of a candle that will eventually disappear beautiful. The beauty of Warosoku's flame is that it has the same transience and integrity as cherry blossoms. People are moved when they discover the beauty of transience and integrity. Being moved by something creates room in your heart, and that room is spiritually fulfilling.

Content: 3 Candles
Box size: 15.4 x 4.7 x 2.1 cm
Candle Length: 15 cm / Thickness 1.3 cm
Burning time: 80 min

Made in Saitama, Japan

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Cosmic Hemp:
This Warosoku candle contains cosmic hemp powder in its wax. Cosmic hemp activates our bodies cells and clears heaviness in the air. It is recommended to use this candle for purification and relaxation. Charcoal has also long been used for purification, cleaning the air, the water, and the environment.

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