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Japanese Christmas Table Setting Ideas | Japanese Kitchenware

Japanese Christmas Table Setting Ideas | Japanese Kitchenware

Christmas customs in Japan are a fusion of Western and Japanese practices. Although Christmas is not a public holiday in Japan, it has grown in popularity recently and is frequently observed by combining traditional and modern customs. In the UK, you can celebrate a Japanese Christmas by investing in quality Japanese kitchenware and styling your Christmas table setting with Japanese motifs. Here are some creative ideas for creating a classy Christmas table using Japanese kitchenware that will make your special day completely unique!

1: Use Japanese Prints To Decorate Your Christmas Table

Using traditional Japanese prints as part of your decorations is one of the simplest ways to bring a touch of Japanese flavour to your Christmas table setting. These might be straightforward paper or fabric patterns with cherry blossoms, bamboo, and other well-known Japanese symbols. To make your Christmas table setting come to life, look for delicate fabrics with traditional Japanese prints like cherry blossoms or maple leaves or images of the Japanese countryside.


2: Raise A Glass With A Festive Sake Set

You can utilise sake sets in addition to conventional Western china and glassware to serve your guests at the table. When paired with vibrant chopsticks or printed paper dishes, these complement any dish served with rice and can give the meal a festive feel with a Japanese twist. Additionally, they are a terrific, low-effort way to incorporate Japanese characteristics into your Christmas feast without overwhelming your guests with your love for all things Japanese! Just take a look at this gorgeous dragonfly sake set! This set comes with a sake decanter and four matching cups. It is also a wonderful gift idea too and comes presented in a gift box.

3: Japanese Kitchenware Must-Haves

No Japanese Christmas table is complete without Japanese-style plates, bowls, and chopsticks. You can find these in a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and bamboo.  For example, you can choose ceramic plates that have a traditional Japanese-style design or pattern, such as beautiful floral prints. Alternatively, try our festive red chopsticks for an elegant presentation and increased authenticity.

4: Decorative Touches That Reflect Japan

Add some seasonal touches with Japanese Christmas decorations, such as paper lanterns or small trees made from origami paper. This is a beautiful way to add points of interest to your Christmas table setting and keep guests entertained.  For example, you could simply scatter a few small origami paper balls across your table and let your guests pick them up as they talk. Or why not make this part of your Christmas crafts and encourage guests to try to make their own paper ornaments to take home?

5: The Japanese Tea Ceremony

This classic and culturally-significant ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends. You can find unique tea sets that are suitable for the occasion, such as those with gold trim or other elegant designs. If you want to make the most of this event, it’s also worth considering getting some specialist advice from a local tea expert before you get started. Use Japanese tea cups and teapots to serve hot drinks, such as green tea or sake and make this moment more memorable.

6: A Festive Seafood Feast

Last but not least, we come to the main event. The feast! Consider incorporating traditional Japanese foods into your Christmas feasts, such as sushi, tempura, and teriyaki chicken.  These dishes will be a big hit with your guests and are sure to get everyone in the festive spirit. Plus, they are ideal as party bites and will help to keep your guests happy and entertained throughout the evening. Pair seafood with cold beer or sake for an iconic Japanese Christmas feast. Serve sushi on our elegant and eye-catching sky-blue sashimi platter.

Whether you’re planning a traditional Western Christmas or looking for new ideas to celebrate this year, using Japanese elements can really bring your celebration to life. From elegant table settings to delicious foods, there is something for everyone when it comes to Japanese-inspired Christmas ideas. So why not explore these fun and festive options today and browse our online collection of Japanese kitchenware here?