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The Japanese Kitchen: Seasonal Trends You’ll Love

The Japanese Kitchen: Seasonal Trends You’ll Love

What’s popular in the world of interior design in Japan - and in the kitchen, specifically? From ‘Japandi’ style to the enduring ‘Wabi Sabi’ trend, we explore some of the elements of Japanese décor you’ll absolutely love when it comes to refreshing the hub of your home. Read on…

Embracing ‘Japandi’

What exactly is the ‘Japandi’ trend – and why should you get on board with it? It’s been on the horizon for a while now, but it seems to have gathered pace somewhat, in the last couple of years or so.

A fun and fashionable fusion between Japanese-inspired interior design and the minimalist but oh-so-chic ‘Scandi style’ aesthetic, ‘Japandi’ could well be well on the radar of anyone who takes the aesthetics of their home seriously.

Such is the growing popularity of the trend that none other than British Vogue has highlighted its appeal, in a piece about ‘the minimalistic, multicultural interior design trend that shows no sign of stopping’. Plus, it’s perfect for spring, as it brings together natural textures and bright and airy colour palettes.

The ‘Japandi’ space is, says Vogue, muted and sparse, yet somehow soft. It’s filled, says the article’s author, with ‘straight-lined furniture and tactile materials’.

‘Somewhere (usually atop a wooden table’, continues the piece, ‘is an earthy vase filled with branches or other assorted greenery. Everything is orderly, but in a way that feels serene rather than strict’.

If you’re keen to infuse the essence of ‘Japandi’ into your kitchen, you’ll want to reach for those muted tones – the stoneware vase, the pale terracotta plant pot, maybe even our well-crafted ‘Earth and Sky’ crockery set. Display the latter on open shelving and get ready to be magically transported to Tokyo.

Dinner set

You’ll love this trend if…you crave an immaculately organised, clutter-free space.

Pictured, above: our Earth and Sky Dinner Set for 2

Championing ‘Wabi Sabi’

Like the ‘Japandi’ trend, here’s another that embraces tranquillity and gives homeowners the chance to ensure everything has a place.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese philosophy, Wabi Sabi, states Sampleboard, ‘invites us to seek solace in simplicity, authenticity, and the artistry of nature’.

The ‘Wabi Sabi’ home features a mix of organic materials and weathered textures – and these can easily be incorporated into any kitchen. Look for bamboo tableware or placemats and add plenty of greenery to your space.

Such an environment, continues the Sampleboard piece, is designed to foster ‘a sense of calm and harmony’.
Japanese herbs

You’ll love this trend if…you’re a fan of biophilic design (bringing the outdoors in, thanks to lush greenery and natural textures).

Hanging Utensils
We love this trend – and we’re pretty sure you’ll find it extremely easy to incorporate into your space. Thanks to a handy, hanging rail or rack, you can hang your utensils in your kitchen, ensuring you bring both form and function to the most-used room in your home.

Japanese spoons

While it isn’t exactly a seasonal trend, we do advise adding hanging plants – real or artificial – to your rail, too. It’ll bring a pop of much-needed colour to your kitchen – ideal during the months with fewer daylight hours – while also providing a firm nod to the biophilic design trend that’s currently everywhere.

You’ll love this trend if…organisation is one of your favourite hobbies. Alongside buying (and displaying) house plants.

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