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Our Most Luxurious Japanese Tableware

Our Most Luxurious Japanese Tableware

Discover Our Most Luxurious Japanese Kitchenware 

Our goal here at Made in Japan has always been to celebrate daily special occasions - making sure that your Sunday best becomes your every day, through the elegance of Japanese kitchenware.

Throughout our collections, we have prioritised experience and style, meaning that each product is true to its roots and will enhance any home and lifestyle. However, we do also love all things luxury, so when the two come together, it is quite simply a match made in heaven and, in our opinion, must be celebrated. So let’s round up our most luxurious pieces and explore the stories behind them.

Boxed Tea Set Jug + 4 Cups Green Bamboo Wooden Box

Taking time out is something we are all guilty of forgetting to do but in great British style, nothing calms the mind like a cup of tea. With a history that spans over 1,000 years, Japanese tea drinking is steeped in tradition. No matter your preference, luxury will be at your fingertips with this simple yet intricate tea set and wooden display box. From form to function, this beautiful Japanese Tea Set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether you are looking for quiet contemplation or catch-up with loved ones, this set offers an experience to savour, and the sleek, functional elegance means that it goes on giving when on display, presenting smooth modern lines throughout your home.

Hibachi Charcoal Grill

In Japanese culture, a meal goes far beyond food. It is believed that through a meal, the participants can socialise, build stronger bonds and work together, helping society develop- things that we all seem to have begun to take for granted.

Emphasising harmony is the main focus at any Japanese table, from table arrangements to the way food is cooked is all of high importance. Our authentic ‘Hibachi’ style grill is the ultimate in luxury dining and the perfect way to bring everyone back together around the table. Suitable for six people, our grill offers an authentic group dining experience, all while wowing your guests with a fantastic display to surprise all the senses. If you are looking for the wow factor when entertaining, this is the perfect choice in luxury kitchenware that will have people returning to your table for many years to come, offering a memory never to be forgotten. 

Boxed Sake Set Jug + 2 Cups Red Asanoha Wooden Box

If entertaining is a particular pastime of yours and you are looking for a new experience to offer, then they don’t come more traditional than Sake. With a history of over 2500 years, this Japanese tradition is used to celebrate during formal ceremonies, national holidays and special events! Our stunningly simple Sake jug & cup set really is the perfect way to celebrate in style. Presenting a traditional hemp leaf design in peach, this elegant offering brings indulgence into any home and a lavish feel to any table.

Boxed Set Pair of Sho Chu Cups

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Our perfectly presented set of Sho Chu cups offers a touch of elegance and simplicity to any home. The beautiful bronze and silver mixed tones set against the striking dark-grey background will look at home in any space and encourage simple and calm living for the fortunate owner. The beautiful black presentation box makes the set an ideal gift for a special someone or even to treat yourself as a keepsake. With the added luxury that they belong to a limited production run, you will be giving safe in the knowledge that your choice really can’t be repeated- the ultimate in any gifting experience.

Explore Luxury Tableware Inspired By Japan

Japanese style, at its core, is all about creating a calm and serene space in today’s world that can be more than just a little hectic. By adding even just a touch of Japanese kitchenware to your home, you will begin to create a calming space to help you and your loved ones relax and rebalance. So, whether you are looking to enhance your own space, emphasise time together as a priority in your day or spoil a loved one who is feeling the stresses of modern-day life, we have something for you! From small and simple to celebrating in style, find luxurious Japanese kitchenware from Made In Japan online! Make every moment matter, and head over to shop our luxury kitchenware items today!