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Gohan: Everyday Japanese Cooking (Smith Street)

Gohan: Everyday Japanese Cooking (Smith Street)

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Emiko's cookbook focuses on the heart of Japanese home cooking, emphasizing rice as the staple ingredient in meals like miso soup, donburi bowls, and onigiri, as enjoyed in the daily life of Japanese families. Highlighting the simplicity and quick preparation of dishes like tamagonogohan, yakisoba, and soba noodle soup, the book reflects the Japanese philosophy of using fresh, seasonal ingredients to enhance natural flavors in nourishing, uncomplicated meals.

256 pages

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Emiko Davies is an Australian-born author renowned for her expertise in regional Italian cuisine. Born and raised between Canberra, Australia, and China, she possesses a rich Japanese-Australian heritage. Davies' journey in the culinary world began after graduating from art school, leading her to Florence, Italy, in 2005, where she initially pursued studies in art restoration. This move marked a significant turning point in her life, as she not only developed a deep connection with Italian culture but also met her future husband, a Tuscan sommelier named Marco Lami.

Settling in Tuscany since 2005, Davies has built a prolific career as a food writer, photographer, and cookbook author. Her work stands out for its focus on authentic Italian cooking, particularly the regional specialties of Tuscany. Davies has authored several award-winning Italian cookbooks, such as "Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence" (2016), "Acquacotta" (2017), and "Tortellini at Midnight" (2019), all published by Hardie Grant Books. Additionally, she has penned five cookbooks, with her sixth, "Gohan," a cookbook of Japanese home cooking, set to release in October 2023. Emiko Davies' work reflects her dual heritage and deep understanding of both Japanese and Italian culinary traditions, making her a unique voice in the world of food writing and gastronomy​.

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