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Ichiko Ichie rosemary incense

Ichiko Ichie rosemary incense

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Experience a calming and uplifting atmosphere with Ichiko Ichie's rosemary incense.

The scent of rosemary has been used in the world of aromatherapy to clear the head and make you feel positive. In medieval Europe, it was used as a therapeutic agent to keep the body clean and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

ROSEMARY combines the refreshing feeling of natural rosemary essential oil with a pleasant woody note. Use it when you want to clear your thoughts and feelings, at the beginning of the morning, or at the end of work to reflect on your day.

Contents: 30 bottles
Burning time: about 15 minutes
Length: 60mm
Ingredients: Contains camellia bark powder, charcoal powder, Indian sandalwood, fragrances, and natural rosemary essential oil.

Made in Japan

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Ikko Ichie collects rare natural fragrant woods and essential oils that are difficult to obtain in modern times, and continues to search for ways to express the scent itself created by nature in incense. They hope that 'encountering the real thing' will someday bring joy to someone.

By taking advantage of the goodness of natural materials, we create a gentle scent that you will never get tired of, even if you use it every day. Ikko Ichie's incense contains complex nuances deep within its gentleness, and shows different expressions depending on the day.

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