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Niwaki Taira Ueki Garden Scissors

Niwaki Taira Ueki Garden Scissors

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Taira Ueki Garden Scissors

Hand-forged, hand-laminated garden scissors from Taira san, in a slightly milder Yellow Paper Steel than his preferred Blue Paper, resulting in a tougher pair of scissors that will put up with a degree more mistreatment (not that you’ll be inclined to mistreat them) for more robust work.

190 x 110 x 20mm
55mm blades
Max cut Ø7mm
Kigami #3 Yellow Paper Steel

Expect some play or ‘clack’ in the blades – this is intentional: the action of cutting with them applies lateral force which makes the blades bite correctly. Were they any tighter, the additional force from your hands would cause them to be unhelpfully tight in use.

Perfect in the garden and home, particularly for those with larger hands.

Made in Sanjo, Japan

18+ Age restricted item
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Niwaki is more than a brand; it's a celebration of Japanese gardening traditions, craftsmanship, and the beauty of a well-tended garden. Rooted in Japan's rich horticultural heritage, Niwaki offers a curated selection of premium garden tools, from precision shears to hand-forged pruning instruments, designed to enhance your gardening experience.

Niwaki's commitment to quality, authenticity, and sustainability ensures that every product meets the highest standards, reflecting the essence of Japanese garden culture. Beyond tools, Niwaki fosters a community of garden enthusiasts who seek harmony with nature in their outdoor spaces.

Embrace the Niwaki way of life, where gardening becomes a journey of balance, beauty, and tranquility. Join Niwaki in nurturing gardens that reflect the spirit of Japan and enrich lives with nature's wisdom.

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