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Shinto 2.5 ply gauze bath towel medium charcoal

Shinto 2.5 ply gauze bath towel medium charcoal

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It's neither double nor triple layered, but a special layered weave that pursues comfort.

The "2.5-ply gauze" is made using 20-count cotton thread and a special gauze weave that halves the middle fabric of triple-ply gauze. The irregular weaving method gives it a fluffy, soft, and unique feel. It is not bulky or stiff while maintaining high absorbency, and dries quickly.

The colour dyeing creates a three-dimensional effect by creating a subtle difference between the vertical and horizontal threads, resulting in a more natural texture.

58 x 100cm diameter 
100% organic cotton 
Made in Osaka, Japan

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Shinto Towel combines more than a century of knowledge and technical experience with an eye for innovation and creativity to create premium textiles that disrupt the status quo. Their towels are set apart by their superior absorbency, luxurious softness, and a trademark texture achieved through atozarashi, a post-weave refining process that removes starches, oils and impurities from the fibers to create an addictingly fluffy texture.

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