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Mcusta Zanmai Kitchen Scissors Red

Mcusta Zanmai Kitchen Scissors Red

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Silky cooking scissors are lightweight, durable and versatile scissors. Perfect for cutting, splitting, opening and more.

Perfect for cutting foods when I knife just doesn't fit the bill. The serrated blade prevents slipping when cutting foods such as crab shell. 

The handle is easy to hold and can easily cut hard objects. The centre can be used for opening screw lids and cracking nuts.

Stainless steel blade prevents rust and maintains sharp edge.

Made in Japan

18+ Age restricted item
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Mcusta Zanmai, based in Seki City, Japan, seamlessly blends traditional swordsmithing heritage with modern technologies. With over 800 years of history in Seki, the brand incorporates innovative methods like CNC machining and laser cutting. Zanmai knives feature unique handles, combining traditional Wa design with innovations like high-temperature compressed layers of natural Pekka wood. The precision of VG10 steel laser cutting results in high-quality monosteel blades, and each knife is meticulously finished by Mcusta craftsmen on Japanese Waterstones, showcasing refined craftsmanship.

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